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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
91Design, Development and implementation of production prototype generator (LG) for hybrid vehicle or other applicationsAbd Rashid Abd AzizUTPRMK8
92Modelling, Design, Modification and Test of Combustion and Fuel System of Two Stroke Free Piston Linear Generator EngineAbd Rashid Abd AzizUTPRMK8
93Save use of palm kernel in feeding system for intensive ruminant production in Malaysia.Abd Razak AlimonUPMRMK7
94Towards a wider use of rice bran in poultry rationsAbd Razak AlimonUPMRMK7
95Development of jawi handwritten characteristics (from Malay manuscript) recognition systemAbd Razak HamdanUKMRMK7
96The development of a web-based knowledge miner for medical dataAbd Razak HamdanUKMRMK8
97An Intelligent Agent for Accounting ModellingAbd Razak HamdanUKMRMK8
98The use of DRIS to determine nutrient requirements and to formulate fertilizer recommendations for rice.Abd Razak HamzahMARDIRMK7
99Land cover spectral signature from remote sensing electromagnetic analysisAbd Razak Mohd YusoffUTMRMK7
100Establishment and silviculture management of buluh betung (Dendrocalamus asper) and buluh tumpat (Gigantochloa ligulata) for shoot productionAbd Razak OthmanFRIMRMK7