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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
11Development of pheromones for durian fruit borers, Mudaria spp. and Conogethes punctiferalisA. SivapragasamMARDIRMK7
12Minimising pests and diseases in organically-grown vegetables using plant bioresources and crop biodiversityA. SivapragasamMARDIRMK7
13Evaluation and selection of suitable tapping systems for abandoned rubber areasA. Wahid Mohd JadiLGMRMK7
14A Prospective Health Centre-Based Cohort Study on Early Detection and Control of Diabetes and Hypertension: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Clinical Practise Guidelines (CPG)Ab Aziz Al-Safi IsmailUSMRMK8
15Development of non-destructive technique for evaluating internal quality of watermelon.Ab Aziz IbrahimMARDIRMK7
16Development of an acoustic based non-destructive techniques for assessing hollowness and maturity differentiation of fruits.Ab Aziz IbrahimMARDIRMK8
17Root pruning and restriction to control plant size in durian and mango.Ab Ghani MohammedMARDIRMK7
18The association of scab incidence in relation to water and nutrient status in dokong.Ab Ghani Mohammed MARDIRMK8
19Kajian amalan pengajaran pendidikan islam di sekolah rendah dan menengah.Ab Halim TamuriUKMRMK8
20Evaluation of chrysamtemum cultivas for Lowland fLower production.Ab Kahar SandrangMARDIRMK7