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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
21The role of vocational and technical education in workforce preparation : An assessment of the workplace skills desired by employers, acquired by students and taught by vocational and technical education institutionsAb Rahim BakarUPMRMK8
22Teaching Efficacy of a Novice Teacher Ab Rahim BakarUPMRMK8
23New fumigants for quarantine and control of insect pests of stored milled rice.Ab Rahim MudaMARDIRMK8
24Development of an Interactive Teaching-learning Technique of Mathematics Based on the EIF Technique for the Primary SchoolsAb Rahman AhmadUTMRMK8
25Investigating and developing the best method in shortest path for implementing a Geographical Information System ( e - map ) for Peninsular MalaysiaAb Rahman AhmadUTMRMK8
26Development of a rapid nucleic acid based diagnostic kit for human rotavirusAb Rani BahamanUPMRMK8
27Development of a multivalent leptosspiral subunit vaccine against leplospirisis in livestock and pet animalAb Rani BahamanUPMRMK8
28Application of biotechnology for the development of biomaterials and its evaluation for safe clinical useAb Rani SamsudinUSMRMK7
29Development of Malaysian Craniofacial Profiles for surgical Services,Forensic, Training and EducationAb Rani SamsudinUSMRMK8
30Development of genetically improved planting materials of Techtona grandis and Shorea leprosola through conventional biological approachesAb Rasip Ab GhaniFRIMRMK7