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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
41Selection of suitable ceramic tools for optimum machining (turning/turning) applicationAbd Ghani KamarudinUMRMK7
42Investigate the cavitation erosion of an artificially submerged waterjetAbd Ghani UjangUiTMRMK7
43Development of high speed machining technology for the manufacture of high quality soft/rapid tooling and production toolingAbd Halim Abd RahmanSIRIMRMK7
44Design and development of a CNC vertical milling machine with automatic tool changeAbd Halim Abd RahmanSIRIMRMK7
45Tekanan kerja: Punca kesan dan dayatindak ke atas tekanan.Abd Halim OthmanUMSRMK7
46Medicinal compounds and food colouring from Hibiscus sabdariffaAbd Hamid Abd HadiUMRMK7
47Development of antihypertensive and lipid lowering compounds from Hibiscus sabdafifaAbd Hamid Abd HadiUMRMK7
48Bioactive products from Malaysian plantsAbd Hamid Abd HadiUMRMK7
49The bioassay guided chemical and pharmacological studies of Andrographis paniculata (hempedu bumi)Abd Hamid Abd HadiUMRMK7
50Investigations of the mechanism of nitric oxide (NO) release from NO donor bioactive compoundsAbd Hamid Abd HadiUMRMK7