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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
61Characterisation of Eating Quality and Chemical Attributes of Commercial Raised Kampung Chicken.Abd Khalid Md SaadMARDIRMK8
62Application of nuclear and complementary analytical technique to the assessment of air pollutionAbd Khalik Hj WoodMINTRMK7
63Ecosystem evaluation and inventory of fragile ecosystems through advanced technologyAbd Latiff MohamedUKMRMK7
64Marine Geological Mapping Over The Malaysian EEZ Area Using Satellite Radar Altimeter TechniqueAbd Majid A. KadirUTMRMK7
65The Development of Computer Package for Teaching and Learning of Space Technology ApplicationsAbd Majid A. KadirUTMRMK7
66Integration Of Land Records And Satellite Derived Data For The Development Of A Modern Cadastre In Malaysia.Abd Majid A. KadirUTMRMK7
67Development of reduced-fat meat-based savoury spread with local spices.Abd Malik OthmanMARDIRMK7
68Development of new and improved products from meat and poultry for the convenience food market and institutional cateringAbd Malik OthmanMARDIRMK7
69Development of restructured and reformed products from meet and poultryAbd Malik OthmanMARDIRMK7
70Development of spray-dried fruit juices and specialty products from selected tropical fruitsAbd Malik OthmanMARDIRMK8