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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
81Stability study of pyrethrin using UV and IR spectroscopy Abd Rahim YacobUTMRMK7
82Stability and Comparison Studies of Synthetic Pyrethrins Isolated in Inert Matrix and Cationic High Surface Area Metal Oxides using Spectroscopical MethodAbd Rahim YacobUTMRMK8
83Development and improvement of agronomic practices for essential oil crops and medicinal plants.Abd Rahman Azmil IdrisMARDIRMK7
84Identification of morphological and physiological parameters for production of quality and certified planting materials.Abd Rahman H.MARDIRMK7
85Development of a stand dynamic model to assess, control and project growing stock of a managed natural forestAbd Rahman KassimFRIMRMK7
86Development of new guava rootstock varieties with resistance to the root knot nematode.Abd Rahman MilanMARDIRMK8
87Breeding for increased productivity of Jamnapari goats.Abd Rahman Mohd YassinMARDIRMK7
88Intelligent web camera applicationsAbd Rahman RamliUPMRMK7
89Development of Real-time Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring SystemAbd Rahman RamliUPMRMK8
90Embedded Multimedia Interface Module for Smart Home EnvironmentAbd Rahman RamliUPMRMK8