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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
11Private Capital Inflow into the Selected ASEAN countriesZulkornain YusopUPMRMK8
12Identification and utilization of coconut varieties and other palmae for landscaping and interior decorationsZulkifly Mohd ZainMARDIRMK7
13PC-based Microwave reflectometer for dielectric measurementsZulkifly AbbasUPMRMK8
14Development of a propagation prediction tool for indoor wireless local area networks (WLANs)Zulkifly AbbasUPMRMK8
15Development of vehicle suspension modeller to assist in the design of a prototype suspension model for passenger vehicleZulkifli ZahariSIRIMRMK7
16Quantification and management of watershed cumulative effects (WCEs)Zulkifli YusopUTMRMK8
17Hydrological Quantification of Oil Palm Catchments for an Improved Streamflow Modelling Zulkifli YusopUTMRMK8
18Development of new radio pharmaceuticalsZulkifli Mohamed HashimMINTRMK7
19In-Vivo Monitoring of Enteric Coated Dosage Forms Using Gamma ScintigraphyZulkifli Mohamed HashimMINTRMK8
20Identification of early indicators for cardiac abnormalities in thalassaemics with iron overloadZulkifli MohamedUKMRMK7