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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
31Development of a stand dynamic model to assess, control and project growing stock of a managed natural forestAbd Rahman KassimFRIMRMK7
32To develop improved planting techniques for rehabilitating degraded hill forests in Peninsular MalaysiaRaja Barizan Raja SulaimanFRIMRMK7
33To identify the causes for poor growth among some tree species planted in urban areas and to recommend cost-effective management measuresElizabeth PhilipFRIMRMK7
34Determination of transpiration rates of selected forest plantation species for effective water resource management in a catchments forestSiti Aisah ShamsuddinFRIMRMK7
35Agroforesty of timber species with long term crops and animals Najib Lotfy ArshadFRIMRMK7
36Assessment of the impact of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) on the wood-based industriesWoon Weng ChuenFRIMRMK7
37Improved productivity and site quality of tin tailings through agroforestry practicesAng Lai HoeFRIMRMK7
38Storage of recalcitrant seeded tropical timber species as slow growing seedlings. An innovative method for reforestation programmeTsan Fui YingFRIMRMK7
39Development of genetically improved base breeding population of Azadirachta excelsa (sentang) for production of quality planting materialsMohd Noor MahatFRIMRMK7
40Investigation into the silviculture and potential utilisation of Rhizophora stylosaMohd Nasir HusinFRIMRMK7