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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
41Natural product discoveryAzizol Abdul KadirFRIMRMK7
42The development and application of biomass energy technologies of wood and agriculture wastes.Hoi Why KongFRIMRMK7
43Development of a multi-purpose solar cum-dehumidifier dryerGan Kee SengFRIMRMK7
44The development of products from palm residues.Wan Asma IbrahimFRIMRMK7
45Identification of anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory principles from selected local medicinal plants and fungi.Khozirah Shaari (FRIM)FRIMRMK7
46Performance of furniture and joinery items under different climatic conditions.Ahmad Shakri Mat Seman (FRIM)FRIMRMK7
47High-temperature process for accelerated seasoning of timber.Choo Kheng TenFRIMRMK7
48Semi-automatic boring and grooving machine for rattan furniture componentsWan Tarmeze Wan AriffinFRIMRMK7
49Development of oriented strand boards for construction & non-construction applicationsRahim SudinFRIMRMK7
50Improving the efficiency of sawing Malaysian timber by modifying saw tooth profilesHo Kam SengFRIMRMK7