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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
1Clinical Studies Using Standardised Misai Kucing for Kidney Stone DiseaseDr. Sahabudin Raja MohamedHKLRMK8
2Enhancement and Evaluation of Palm Oil Methyl Esters (Palm Diesel) As Renewel Fuel and LubricantsDr. Ir. Ma Ah NganMPOBRMK8
3Multiplication and futher improvement of Jermasia Goats Through Reproductive TechnologiesProf. Dr. Ramli AbdullahUMRMK8
4Tree Flora of Sabah Sarawak-Species Diversity, Convertion Status and Sustainable Management of Tree ResourcesDr. E SoepadmoFRIMRMK8
5Computer Intergrated Farming System "The Use of CIF System to Optimise Aquaculture Products and By- Products as Animal Feed and Biofertilisers"Datuk Dr. Mohamad Salleh IsmailTPMRMK8
6Trial Using Oil Palm Based Fibre Mat (ecomat) in Sandstorm AreasMohd Tayeb DolmatMPOBRMK8
7Pembangunan dan Pemajuan Dadah Cegah Penyakit HIV (Calanolide A) Dari Pokok BintagorDatin Dr. Zaliha C. AbdullahCRSBRMK8
8Development of Hybrid Rice Technology in MalaysiaSaad AbdullahMARDIRMK8
9Safeguarding the Forest Plant Diversity of Peninsular MalaysiaSaw Leng GuanFRIMRMK8
10A Multi-Pronged Tackle of Three Cancers Relevant to Malaysian: Searching for Prescence of Predisposition Genes, Mutation Screening of Predisposition Genes for Risk Assessment and Exploring New Anti-Cancer Therapy for Oral, Nasopharyngeal and Breast Cancers.Lekhsan OthmanCARIFRMK8