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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
31A molecular examination of the insect-plant interaction between jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophillus) and the fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalisMustafa Fadzil Farid WajidiUSMRMK7
32A Multi-Pronged Tackle of Three Cancers Relevant to Malaysian: Searching for Prescence of Predisposition Genes, Mutation Screening of Predisposition Genes for Risk Assessment and Exploring New Anti-Cancer Therapy for Oral, Nasopharyngeal and Breast Cancers.Lekhsan OthmanCARIFRMK8
33A multicenter comparative study of the knowledge, beliefs and sociao-behavaioural risk factors in women with precursor lesions and women with confirmed cancer of the cervix and their respective spouses and women who had never had pap smear screeningRashidah ShuibUSMRMK8
34A multilevel inverter topology for high power alternate/renewable sources of energy power conditioning system application.Abdul Halim Mohamed YatimUTMRMK7
35A multimedia classroom based on the theory of multiple intelligences and its effectiveness in enhancing thinking among students in the smart schoolJohn Arul PhillipsUMRMK7
36A natural compound, lingzhi, for the treatment of breast cancer cells in tissue culture and rat tumorsS. Khartini Abdul WahabUKMRMK7
37A Neuro-Fuzzy-CBR Adaptive Learning SystemLee Chien SingMMURMK8
38A new approach for the analysis of organophosphorus insecticides from water using capillary electrophoretic techniqueWan Aini Wan IbrahimUTMRMK7
39A New Communication System and Wheelchair Movement Control for Paralysed Individuals using Electroencephalogram (EEG) SignalsRaveendran a/l ParamesranUMRMK8
40A New Compatibilizer or Coupling Agent Based on Palm Oil Fatty Acid for Plastic and Rubber Industries (New Chemical)Hanafi IsmailUSMRMK8