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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
41A New Formulation of Black Chromium Coating Materials for Solar Thermal Cell used for Local Environment (Thermal Energy Application)Jamaliah IdrisUTMRMK7
42A Novel Genetically Engineered Virus-Vectored Immunocontraceptive Agent for the Control of Rat Pest Population and Transmission of Rat-to-Human Zoonotic DiseasesMohd Azmi Mohd LilaUPMRMK8
43A Novel Immunocontraceptive Immunization of Male Paddy Rats With a Recombinant Calcium-Binding Protein Gene (cbp) Construct.Sabrina SukardiUPMRMK8
44A novel in situ method for coating probiotic microorganism Chan Eng SengUMSRMK8
45A Pattern Recognition Model Of Voiced-Based Personal Verification Systems For Security ApplicationsSheikh Hussain Shaikh SallehUTMRMK7
46A PCR Based Rapid Test for the Early Detection of Antibiotic-Resistance in Enterococcus spp. from Clinical SamplesMd Radzi JohariUSMRMK8
47A phase 111 study of hydroxyurea therapy in adults with Beta -Thalassemia major and intermediate.Sharifah Fadilah Abdul WahidUKMRMK7
48A phenotypic approach for the identification of lymphocyte subsetsJasbir Singh Dhaliwal (IMR)IMRRMK7
49A Portable Intelligent System For measuring, Monitoring, Forecasting Carbon Monoxide LevelAhmad Nazri AliUSMRMK8
50A Practical Methodology to the use of Advanced Statistical Quality Improvement Techniques (ASQIT) for Small and Medium Size Industries (SMI)Sha'ri Mohd YusofUTMRMK8