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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
61A Semisynthetic Metallaoenzymes: Novel Catalysts for Petrochemicals and EsterificationMohd Basyaruddin Abd RahmanUPMRMK8
62A simulation model to optimise broiler production.S. ShanmugaveluMARDIRMK7
63A study of a video conferencing over ATM networkKasmiran Jumari (USM)USMRMK7
64A study of academic learning time in non-public examination oriented subjects at the primary school levelShukery MohamadUSMRMK7
65A study of alternative learning materials & teaching methodology for mathematics, English, Malay & jawi for primary schools in the rural areasNoraini IdrisUMRMK7
66A study of application for solar thermal energy at a temperature of 4,000 ok using solar furnace with a concentration rate greater than 5,000Jasmy YunusUTMRMK7
67A study of energy requirements of selected groups in MalaysiaWan Nudri Wan DaudIMRRMK7
68A Study of Impact of Regulatory Framework and Banks' Initiatives on the Adoption of Internet Banking in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong KongBalachander Krishnan GuruMMURMK8
69A study of leprosy in families: analysis of the factors, which contribute to disease susceptibility.Harvindar Kaur GillIMRRMK7
70A study of mathematical values among Malaysian mathematics secondary school teachersWan Zah Wan AliUPMRMK8