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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
81A study of the risk factors deafness and rehabilitation of deaf children in KelantanDinsuhaimi SidekUSMRMK7
82A study of working women's health status in relation to lifestylesMafauzy MohamedUSMRMK7
83A Study on Biodiversity and Feeding Biology of Marine Fishes in the Coastal Waters of Peninsular MalaysiaMazlan Abd GhaffarUKMRMK8
84A study on community acquired pneumoniaHooi Lai NgohIMRRMK7
85A study on compliance to the Malaysian code of ethics for infant formula product by the government health facilities in MalaysiaNoor Safiza Mohamad NorIMRRMK7
86A study on coral reef fish communities of the Pulau Payar Marine Park, Kedah: diversity and productivity and their impacts on ecosystem sustainability and managementAhyaudin AliUSMRMK7
87A study on effectiveness of health education program on knowledge, attitude and practice of food handlers towards food-borne diseases and their typhoid carrier statusNyi Nyi NaingUSMRMK7
88A study on families with high-risk adolescents; a community-based intervention program.Hanafiah Mohd SallehUKMRMK7
89A study on family quality in relation to Socia-economic development in SabahWan Rafaei Abd RahmanUMSRMK7
90A study on influence of HIV infection on the transmission of tuberculosisNyi Nyi NaingUSMRMK7