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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
21Wireless Data Communication Integration and Improvement for Intelligent Urban Traffic Management System.Tiong Sieh KiongUNITENRMK8
22Wild gingers of Peninsular Malaysia: conservation studies and investigation into their essential oilsLillian ChuaFRIMRMK8
23Wideband microstrip antennas for cars and commercial vehicles modern communication systemWan Khairuddin Wan AliUTMRMK7
24Wideband Microstrip Antenna For Land Based VehiclesWan Khairuddin Wan AliUTMRMK8
25Wellness and Quality of Life: Tacking Lifestyle and Health Issues using New TechnologiesLekhraj RampallUPMRMK8
26Weight Reduction Best Practices and Follow-Up Evaluation Among Obese AdultsWan Abdul Manan Wan MudaUSMRMK8
27Weed succession in non-flooded rice.Azmi ManMARDIRMK7
28Weed Management in Sustainable Production of High Yielding Irrigated Rice Under Minimal Water Input.Abdul Shukor JuraimiUPMRMK8
29Weed control options for dry-seeded rice.Lo Nyok PiangMARDIRMK7
30Web-Based Visual Intelligence Surveillance and Security SystemSyed Ab Rahman Syed Abu BakarUTMRMK8